Cloud ERP is a smart Web based ERP solution primarily designed for Micro and Small enterprises looking for a cost effective solution which can enable them to quickly move away from current manual processes to a fully integrated business solution. Cloud ERP is a game changing Cloud ERP solution, Specially designed to meet the specific requirements of Large and Medium sized companies where the lower TCO and faster deployment is a must. zThis built to last Cloud ERP Suit is developed and provides Web interface providing both mobility as well as ease of use. This highly configurable Cloud ERP solution provides rich set of functionality across business processes covering Financial Accounting, Sales, Purchase, Inventory Management, Production, Quality Control etc. In addition to Cloud ERP basic modules, we are offering some other modules which are also integrated with it. Which are Payroll, Measurement System Analysis (MSA), Warehouse Management System. These modules are as integrated with Cloud ERP so you can have all the control in a single solution with all the control in your hand with a single user ID and Password. It gives you seamless integration across business functions and tight control and visibility over your business which is critical to run your operations efficiently and stay ahead in the highly competitive business environment.